St. Joseph's School, Greater Noida

Head Boy/Girl Message


“…and then one day you’ll find, ten years have got behind you, no one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.”

When I am asked to give a message as the head boy for the year 2019-20, all the memories of these 14 years in St. Joseph’s school etched in mind suddenly poured out and nostalgia hit me like a tsunami hits a coast.

I feel as if all these memories, some dim, some elusive and some clear as crystal, tell me that school is so much more than just grades, uniform, discipline and assignments. I vividly remember the conversation with the Principal on the day I was elected the head boy. He was very happy and appreciated me for my privileged post; I also thanked him for the election format.

I would also like to share some life lessons which I follow and also wish that my juniors to follow them:
• Life is the one which runs fast, so enjoy it to the fullest….
• Try everything, so that later in your life you do not regret that ‘I could have done that…..’
• Always try to do some good work like giving food to the needy, helping an specially abled person and so on, I assure you you’ll feel so blessed….and remember that good deeds give sweet fruits.

Now, I could definitely say that I have enjoyed and experienced my school life to its fullest and am taking 8 Nationals and more than dozen of state championships, with those trips, fun, and so many joyful memories with me. And, being elected as a head boy of this prestigious institution is an icing on the cake. At last, I would just like to say,

“Be yourself, because you are unique and different”.

Thank You
Tanmay Tiwari (12-C)
HEAD BOY (2019-20)